UK manufacturing is being heralded as the new way forward for fashion, but where British production isn’t a fit for many brands, Turkish manufacturing is the realistic alternative. 

The noticeable move towards ‘Made In UK’ fashion is the beginning of a shift towards more conscious fashion, along with the effects of a post-Brexit Britain. However, for many brands the UK manufacturing landscape lacks skills and the competitive pricing that the Far-East can offer. 

Which is where Turkey comes in. As the nearshore manufacturing hub that offers better costs paired with expertise of an industry that has been growing year-on-year since the early 1900s.

With such an array of capabilities on offer, Turkish manufacturing is the perfect option for many reasons. At Ventura Clothing Ltd, we are able to offer a huge amount of benefits when it comes to manufacturing both ethically and within strict targets. We have a manufacturing base in both the UK and Turkey to offer customers all options when it comes to production.

Capabilities Of Our Turkish Factory

  • We offer menswear and womenswear production, in woven and jersey
  • Capacity of 5000 units per week in house, in our fully audited factory
  • Sampling turnaround of 3 days and  4-6 weeks turnaround from initial design to delivered production
  • Expertise in fabrication and trims, adept at sourcing the best fabric for your needs.
  • Library of over 100 fabric bases, with capacity of print turnaround in less than a week.

In addition to this, we have the capacity of 100,000 units per month across our network.

Capabilities Of Our UK Factory

  • We offer menswear and womenswear production, in woven and jersey
  • Capacity of up to 5000 units per week in house, in our SEDEX and Fast Forward audited factory
  • Sampling turnaround of 3 days and 4 weeks turnaround from initial design to delivered production
  • For trims and fabrication options, our Turkish sourcing team offers support for all designs
  • Access to over 100 fabric bases in the UK, print turnaround in less than a week.

With ethical fashion fast becoming the norm for the industry, Ventura Clothing Ltd offers a range of choice across our production network. All focussed around how to find the right fit for our customer’s price point and needs.


Why Is Manufacturing Moving Closer To Home?

In 2021 the move to more sustainable and ethical practises is more urgent than ever across many industries. It’s this very movement that is uncovering the fashion industry as one that needs to change – and fast. 

This scrutiny of the industry goes beyond that of climate change to also focus on the ethics of the workers. The workers who make the cheap styles that are driving the fast fashion boom, and who are ultimately losing out. It’s these scandals in the headlines that are leaving big name brands burnt and leaving customers alienated.

This rise in awareness is significant in a move towards a more regulated manufacturing process. This means consequently working with local and audited factories in the UK and nearshore, to monitor practices and quality.


UK vs Turkish Manufacturing: No Need To Compromise With Ventura

UK production holds many benefits. They range from ethical manufacturing to lower emissions, speed to market and higher quality garments than from the Far East. However, despite its many benefits, manufacturing in the UK can make it difficult for certain targets to be met due to prices being significantly higher than options outside of Britain. This can often price out SMEs as well as larger brands with tight margins.

The boom of the much more competitive Far East market meant that UK manufacturing expertise slowed in the 1970s. And it’s not merely the workers, but the investment in machinery with modern techniques lacks that of the Far East and other offshore options.

These issues are what have promoted the move to nearshore sites such as Turkey rather than the UK, who offer many of the same benefits with better skills, machinery and pricing.

Turkish production has been thriving for over 100 years, and the world class expertise and machinery is proof of that. With it being only a short trip to Turkey versus the Far East, it enables better quality checking alongside lower carbon emissions and shorter lead times. With Turkish production and delivery only proving to add one week to the lead time of UK factories.

This often leads brands to the next best option of Turkish production. At Ventura Clothing Ltd, we have the flexibility to offer you benefits from both sides to fit your needs. We have a library of 100s of fabrics in our Turkish base and can offer skills and machinery that the UK lacks at a cost of 20-30% less. We offer the option of UK production, but base each stage of the production journey on your costs and needs.

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At Ventura, we are able to offer you world class expertise. We can offer speed to market, audited factories and flexible production to fit all of your needs.

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