What type of clothing do you produce?2021-10-06T14:50:11+01:00

We specialise in womenswear and menswear and produce a wide range of clothing including shirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits.

Can you produce samples and prototypes?2021-10-06T14:47:04+01:00

We offer a prototyping and sampling service for clients looking to develop a range. This allows the specifications (including pattern, fit, fabric) to be tailored to your exact needs and allows you to make minor design amendments prior to commencing bulk production.

What material do you use to produce the garments?2021-10-06T14:46:10+01:00

We work with a wide range of suppliers in Europe and Asia, with a focus on ethical sourcing and transparency. Prior to commencing production, we will consult you on the specifications including the look, feel, quality, durability etc to ensure you are satisfied.

Where are fabrics sourced?2021-10-06T14:45:58+01:00

The fabrics we use are sourced from our trusted suppliers in the UK and Turkey. Using our extensive fabric library, we will help you to select and customise fabrics based on your requirements (sustainability, max washing temperature, durability).

Can you assist with the design of my garments?2021-10-06T14:46:22+01:00

Our in-house, highly skilled design team can help you with inspiration and bringing your ideas to life. We will require your input and guidance as to the type of garments you wish to design for a smooth and speedy process.

Do you offer packaging services?2021-10-06T14:45:19+01:00

As an additional service, we can help to speed up the process by packaging your products as per your instructions, prior to delivery.

Do you offer labelling services?2021-10-06T14:45:09+01:00

As an additional service, we can attach your personalised labels to your garments, prior to delivery.

Do you offer swing tag services?2021-10-06T14:44:59+01:00

As an additional service, we can arrange personalised swing tags to be produced for your garments, and attach there prior to delivery.

Do you produce knitwear?2021-10-06T14:27:11+01:00

We do not offer knitwear services in the UK, but can assist with this from Turkey.

How do you accept payment?2021-10-06T14:26:50+01:00

We accept payments via bank transfer. The exact payment plan and breakdown can be discussed with you, and will be set out on your invoice.

Can I arrange a factory visit?2021-10-06T14:26:25+01:00

Scheduled visits to The MILC Factory can be arranged with prior consultation. However, the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is important to us, so special measures will need to be in place prior to any factory visit.

Start bringing your designs to life today.
Start bringing your designs to life today.
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